the tree is up and is HUGE and FUNKY and has too long a trunk…i took a picture of the pretty part.


these are the traditional snacks for decorating the tree.  mmmmmmm.


we walked on a cold wet afternoon…the kids wearing santa hats…all smiling.  i was reminded of the phrase:  a mother is only as happy as her least happiest child. this is so true among these siblings.  they seem collectively as happy as the least happy among them.  so, come on, let’s be happy!


light ball

outside lights and fire to warm up.  trying to keep it cozy.

outside igloo fire

3 thoughts on “christmas

  1. Oh….so sweet…. I love the pictures of them all smiling and the walk of Naomi and Eliza.
    Pretty christmas tree :)

    Merry Christmas, dear friends.

    by the way, i like your red coat, my favourite color :)


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