imagine tens of thousands of photos all labeled and organized in hundreds of different envelopes.  then imagine emptying those envelopes, mixing up the photos, then stuffing them into three shoe boxes.

that’s the mess i have.

but the photos are here, all given an odd 10 digit number.

i think i’ll just look forward knowing i can dig through the boxes should i want to,

thanks for all the encouragement.


5 thoughts on “breaktime

  1. I’m sorry that happened! I agree that you’ll relive memories and find some joy in going through the photos (at times anyway!). My computer crashed once and my files were saved but every jpeg from every webpage we had visited was saved in among my family photos. There were thousands! I have yet to get through them all. Looking forward to your photos and seeing things through your eyes again :)


  2. I can’t imagine how I’d feel with that happening, and you are WAY more organized than I am. I am VERY glad you were able to retrieve all of them. You’ll find the time to go through all the boxes and get them back right where you want them. It will be an amazing trip down memory lane. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving:)


  3. Picassa, Google’s version of Flickr, works with iPhoto to identify people in your pictures. So Eliza would be in one group, Jen would be in another, etc… We did it with our photos (yes, thousands) and while it’s a separate program, it’s convenient and organized. It’s nice when I’m looking for a specific picture of a specific person and I just don’t know where to find it.


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