think harder

so, when you are running out of room on your hard drive because of all your photos and you think you found an old iphoto library and you drag it to the trash and you click “empty trash” and you confirm that yes, you really want to empty the trash, and then you notice that your hard drive suddenly has over 100G of space (and increasing!) and you open iphoto and realize that ALL YOUR PHOTOS ARE GONE, you will wish you had thought a little harder if that really was an “old” iphoto library.

yes, i back up, but not often enough. i would have lost photos from the last months.  dad, i know you are cringing.  i have the external drive humming right now.

i found an online data recovery program for free!  it worked all night, all morning and showed me my photos!  when i clicked “recover” i was taken to a site charging $100 to actually get them.  i’ve had to start over 3 times.  but maybe this morning will be the morning.  so far so good.


p.s. happy birthday, mom, i was going to post some good photos today.  maybe tonight.




7 thoughts on “think harder

  1. oh, Kristin, you poor thing

    hang in there – so frustrating

    I’d be wiling to contribute towards the $100 if you keep hitting dead ends.



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