a boy celebrated.  though i heard micah explaining to eliza that it’s still his birthday and it will be until oma and opa come…in a couple weeks.


icy water on the pick up from school (what he asks for).


google eye cupcakes.

screen time

being on the computer first after school.


building time.

a cozy (yet messy) place to watch america’s funniest home videos.


treats to school.


a decorated dining room.


homemade frosting….no sprinkles.

birthday candles

eight candles for eight years of life lit by daddy.


6 thoughts on “celebrated

  1. yes, the skype moment was a highlight….and the swimming, the phone messages, the singing on the cell phone, the nerf battles, the cinnamon rolls, the sloppy joes and chips, the picture book, and the promise of spending birthday money at a real toy store is a complete preoccupation. ahhhhh.


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