he came quickly.  bringing me great relief and smiles while pushing, he came.  a child we fiercely waited for.


my heart swells as i remember this child…as i remember him five minutes ago throwing his
shoes across the floor and running up the stairs to bed and  as i remember him 7 years ago
staggering across a carpeted floor looking for “dadeeeeeeee.”


i was going to post eight pictures….then got carried away.  memory lane is a fun place to go.

Jon with Micah copyIMG_4694IMG_1253IMG_03222001 meeting micahIMG_3848IMG_7286.JPGmicah lovemicah • 2007muddy micahmuddy micahmicah boy 2007

lover of fire, dirt, gardens and snow.
lover of fairness and perfection.
lover of things soft and slinky, smooth and squishy.

viliya's last day

sweet love of mine, happy birthday.

16 thoughts on “eight

  1. wonderful. beautiful post. i love knowing micah through your eyes, kristin. i also feel lucky to have had a glimpse of him in the real world. made me want to know more.


  2. Oh our hearts melt as we re-live these last precious 8 years with you, our dear Micah. Happy, happy birthday!!!! Thank you again, Kristin, for capturing these wonderful moments for our memories. It helps to shrink the miles between us!
    Big hug, Mom/Oma


  3. Love, love, love this post. Of course you couldn’t stop at eight photos! Happy birthday to Micah, and happy birth day to you. Mine is eight, too, and in the blink of an eye I can see him at birth. Enjoy this day!


  4. BOYS are wonderful! Can attest to that with three sons and one grandson! LOVED the photoos, especially the muddy baby boy!

    Congratulations as you celebrate his young life!



  5. Wonderful writing, Kristin! I had no idea as a kid how significant a child’s birthday is to his mother! Happy Micah’s 8th birthday to you! Bless you both.


  6. What a sweet, sweet post for a sweet, sweet boy!

    Is this the birth that had Jen driving on the sidewalks to the hospital (because there was a train) yelling out the window, “We’re having a baby! We’re having a baby!” ???? (or something like that)


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