leaf day


it needs to be acknowledged that if jerry wasn’t in the home, this may not have happened.


he is a leaf raking machine who has made his own leaf hauling machine.


orange berries

i was happier to putter, welcome surprise helpers and go on drink runs.

but i helped. and a lot of leaves were raked, hauled and piled.  these will be shredded and loaded on the garden site til next season.  while they wait, they made a great landing spot.





naomi made an obstacle course for the little kids.

obstacle course

autumn slide

thanks to friends, healthy bodies and beautiful weather, it was a good day.

autumn swing

3 thoughts on “leaf day

  1. Thank you for drawing us into your family circle … We have no leaves to rake, but we have gorgeous [Omi’s word] colored trees all around our tower. It is beautiful from the 15 floor. We wish you much fun and continued togetherness- Oma/Omi and Opa/Opi.


  2. i saw this going on as i drove by….and thought “i know that’s jerry’s idea” ha!
    craig said satruday morning “i guess we have to rake today.” and i said ‘can we please wait? i just love how they look on the ground. can we just wait one more weekend?” he agreed….because he was tired. not because he agreed. :)


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