chores and watercolors


after a rough day, i did 2 small things.  the watercolors are back in the dining room.


the chore chart is made.  they pull a slip of paper (without looking) and then do the chore on the matching color of paper. they’ve all done it a couple of times.  it is so simple.  it is so minimal.  but it is more than we had.


part of what i like about this is that all three of the kids can do these jobs.  of course i like that, we’re all doing the same thing.

4 thoughts on “chores and watercolors

  1. I’m getting to the point of wanting.needing.longing for a chore chart. Sophie is still so young and I hate the hassle and battle of getting her to pick up her toys. But the result is that I do it. Along with everything else.

    I love your chore chart. I might not implement it right away, but it’s going to nest in the back of my mind for a little while. Thanks for your (continuous) inspiration.


  2. i love your creativity :)

    and imagining the kids doing all of those things reminds me of the moments when Eliza cleaned up my hair after you cut it, oh… sweet memory.


  3. you know what you are doing. I have witnessed it for 12 years. I need to get some paints here. They are expensive, so I was going to wait for Christmas, but I am going to go for it anyway.


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