shut door

the door was shut and there was laughter. silly laughter. 2 girls. but only one girl in the room.

skype date - 1skype date - 3

i think this is what she needed. the other day naomi cried and said she was afraid she would forget what lydia’s voice sounded like.

this was definitely a reminder.  these girls have been together since they were a few months old.

baby friends

now they are together via phone lines and packages.

my favorite moment was when naomi walked into the kitchen with the computer and started talking to me. i assumed they had hung up when i realized lydia was still there. like those teenage phone calls where you stay on the phone while you watch tv or fall asleep?

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

naomi is ready to have clean walls again.  wish us well.  it looks like we’ll be stripping the floral graffiti wallpaper.  for the record, she and lydia were the ones to start it.  they came downstairs with sheepish grins and eyes darting back and forth.

9 thoughts on “shut door

  1. i’ve read that a friend moving away is as traumatic for a child as a death. thanks to skype, this may be different now, somehow easing the transition. and it may be different knowing it’s temporary. i remember when my best friend moved to nicaragua when i was in 3rd grade. i remember crying for days at school.

    maybe this will strengthen/deepen what they have always had (?)


    1. I think it was Jen who said it first, “At least they’ll stay friends during the middle school years.”

      As Naomi has already navigated social situations, I am grateful that they have been able to simply support each other.

      That’s the bright side. For all of us, I guess.


  2. Warms my hear to think of Naomi and Lydia visiting, laughing, doing this with closed doors and in the kitchen with others around, so cozy and good!


  3. Ohhh, sweet Naomi. I know it’s hard to imagine it now, with Lydia so far away, but I know from my own experience that it is possible to be friends forever even when you’re far apart. When they are back together again, it will be (almost) like no time has past.


  4. What a sweet post.
    Reading about that special girlfriend along with the peek inside her amazingly AWESOME room (again you win coolest mom award-sweet graffiti walls!) instantly took me back. Such a safe and cozy personal space!
    Please tell Naomi that my very best childhood friend and I are still extremely close, despite hundreds of miles between us!


  5. haha, if i remember the youth group room’s bathroom walls correctly, i’d say she came by those graffiti walls honestly. :)


  6. How very tender. My eyes filled with tears as I viewed and read this post — tears of gratitude for such a deep friendship and tears of sadness for the loneliness experienced. A big hug to dear Naomi.

    Much love, Dad


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