fire and rain

we’ve seen them both lately.

eliza wanted to dress up like a princess in the rain the other day.  i love that a broken umbrella and black mud boots fit into that concept.

i learned tonight that by not telling micah i was starting a fire was considered a slap in the face.  “mama, why didn’t you call me?  you know i want to be there.”  i’ll never forget again, sweet heart.

and if you can imagine both of these photos with naomi squeaking out new viola songs in the background, you’ve got the complete picture.

7 thoughts on “fire and rain

  1. I see from the other comments that the playhouse is new…I’m very interested…

    What a complete moment that you’ve captured!


  2. yes, this is a playhouse donated through me for preschool use back in the mid 90s. we don’t want to use it at preschool anymore (it became a hang out for drugs and sex…leaving trash behind…yes, all you can imagine). not until several weeks after the conversation about moving it started did i talk to jerry and he said he’d like to have it here….plus he reminded me that when it was given, it was given with the understanding that should the original owner’s daughter ever want it back, it was her’s. glad he reminded me of that. so, we’ll see. i was sure he did not want it in our yard, i wasn’t sure if i should have it, but it had to leave our old preschool site and jerry was willing to move it….

    blah blah blah.


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