36 buttons from my collection.

reminders of where i’ve been and what i want to know.

my birthday started as one of the most annoying days so far:  cranky family, frazzled parents, running late, coffee spilling, no breakfast eaten, almost late for school….ugh.

(this photo is moments after a surprise coffee and lit cupcake arrived….thank you, karin, john and hannah!!!!)

but the next few days brought  birthday moments that were calming, celebratory, and simply honoring.

i know i am loved. thank you, thank you, thank you.

5 thoughts on “36

  1. yep – YOU are a gift kristin. happy week to you! so glad you are still able to capture and remember the important moments of life despite the . . .

    spilled coffee
    no breakfast
    running late
    grumpy family
    dry spells . . . .


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