i thought i could

i really did.

i really thought that i would be able to pull all those kids on the parachute.  and by the looks on their faces, they thought they were about to get a ride.  not. an. inch.

i think i can pull a parachute with about 350 pounds on it.  i think i will fit into the pants at the thrift shop.  i think i can reach that cookbook by standing on a pot on top of the counter.  i think my bike trailer will fit between two trees on the trail.  i think looking on the bright side can carry me through.

i usually love this part of myself, though it has, at times, dropped me to my knees in humility.


9 thoughts on “i thought i could

  1. I know what you mean but what matters is rising to the occasion every time. You don’t question your abiliteis and so you just act as though you can. What would happen if you didn’t try? So, I know you can pull that parachute with all those kids on it, just not that day. Try again. you’ll get it. And I’m sure the scale will look diferent for me today ;- p


  2. Every “tendency” — like you tending to believe that “you can” — is indeed a tender gift. Especially when it offers the amazing bonus gift of humility. ENJOY! :-)

    Love you!


  3. i wish i would’ve seen you trying to pull them.
    or that i could’ve helped you do it…surely together we would be strong enough.
    that is the beauty to trying alone. that how you discover when you need to ask for help.

    :) sorry waffle was so crazy today.


  4. I completely believed you were actually pulling them in that picture. Although I can’t say I know you really well, I would venture to say that I love that part about you :)


  5. hey kristin!
    i STILL love that about you! every year is different – every event or day leads to something new to explore. and in the trying you are teaching. the outcome doesn’t really matter – since it’s the process that we care about, huh ? !
    can’t wait for our next coffee date to catch up!
    did you know i found you just a couple of weeks ago? ( sent msg. on another email address). have a great week!
    kristen b.


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