unlikely friends

this is a typical scene in our house.  one i take for granted.  ollie cat is often in the mix too.  weird.

sal and blaze - 2

sal and blaze - 3

sal and blaze - 1

sal and blaze - 4

and yes, we are aware that sally’s primal self could kick in at any point…

9 thoughts on “unlikely friends

  1. I’m jealous! You should hear the claws scratching, trying to run fast on the wood floors when one of the cats ventures downstairs and Marley happens to see them. The plus side is… we’ve had much less cat hair in the living room since Marley came to live with us. :)


  2. waffle and emily are enemies.
    i think if emily (cat) had been willing to be friends they would be but from the beginning she has hated waffle. so there is battle anytime waffle enters my bedroom…hissing and clawing and barking. it’s ridiculous.
    and one of the reasons we got rid of our rabbit was the dog….i was trying to avoid a national geograpic moment in our yard. :)


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