we are tired and happy.

our dear friends cooked for us before they left the country for 3 years.  this secret stew was hiding in a freezer for a couple months, then made smoking hot on a few camp stoves.  in her true nature, we had way more than enough.  thank you, thank you, jen (and maybe you helped cut the veggies, aaron?).

we were graced with three babies…the youngest being 2 weeks (!), the middle being a pile of smiles who liked to be swaddled, the oldest being old enough to crawl himself off the blankets.

this skirt made her way around camp.

the weather was beautiful….a little hot during the day, but wonderfully cool at night.

most of the kids (two babies went home and three kids took off for colombia):

a couple days home and my voice is still hoarse, we still have dirty laundry laundry, we’re craving reubens, we want to sleep outside, we want to have screen free days with no complaints, we want campfires and guitars with neighbor fiddlers, we want to wander under the twinkling lights, we want ike and travis.  how many more days, brad?

happy trails.

14 thoughts on “winfield

  1. some of my favorites: nursing karin, cowboy kristin, and sara’s butt!

    i’ve never been a part of this new-era winfield. part of me longs to see the cds in those pictures. i know there are many others longing for that too.

    i love to think of what these years are giving all those kids, let alone their parents.


  2. Your photos blow me away. Every time. You really know how to find the space between. All five of you fill me with that impression–you and Jerry have created a family that embodies that quiet gentleness with life that is so missing in me.

    Now I need each and every other family to begin a blog and post photos so that I can wax poetic about them as well.

    That won’t be free after tonight.


  3. thank you for these images. I cannot believe I missed out seeing Doug naked under his towel. Tragic. At least I know that Brad is crying with me. I feel like I cried all weekend long. It was 100X harder to not be there than I anticipated. I am glad the circle widened this year, and look forward to a rompin’ reunion in 2012. AM, wait for us! (and I am glad you liked the stew….it was the only way I knew how to participate this year.


  4. Oh my, these pictures bring back so many wonderful Winfield memories, though I haven’t been in like, a…DECADE(!) Really, your pictures are fantastic, as is that skirt!


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