my helper

preschool started about a week ago.

i realized quickly that eliza has her own subset of lesson plans.  she is quick to assure me that she can help the preschoolers who don’t know what to do.

as i was scurrying around one morning trying to set up for the children to arrive, eliza gathered all the notebooks from last yaer and asked if she could set one on each piece of tape at circle time.  sure, sure, i told her.  she thought maybe she could teach them all to write the word “pup.”  sure, you could, i told her.  only when i went to the circle time rug did i see that she had written “pup” on each notebook.

i know these are precious days…our last year together in this space.

(preschool 2006)

7 thoughts on “my helper

  1. Oh how precious to see Eliza so confident in being your assistant. How I would have loved to be there for this opening week -thanks so much for this peek into life at preschool back at NCF.
    Much love,


  2. I could use someone like that in my classroom.
    She comes from a long line of legacy educators.
    Let me know what happens when you step aside and let her take the class.
    Oh, she’s so special.


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