reason to dance…

after this post, my dad asked to use the last line for a song.  when we were in chicago this summer we heard the song live with a slide show of photos in the background…on a big screen in their beautiful back yard…

it’s a wonderful song…with my dad’s voice sounding like it has my whole life.

someone took a video and posted it, thought i would share it further:

9 thoughts on “reason to dance…

  1. That was so wonderful Kristin. I started my morning listening to this song and now I’ll have it in my head all day “wishing the whole world had reason to dance…”

    Happy day to you!


  2. I shared this song with my girls this morning. They loved it. I showed them your picture, and told them had you not been mine and Dennis’ friend, we may not have gotten married, though I know that would have happened anyway, it was God’s plan. But thank you for being our friend, so we could begin our journey together so young. What a blessing you were!


  3. this song’s going to a classroom full of inner city kids tomorrow as a journal prompt tomorrow. What if the whole world had reason to dance? Thanks for sharing.


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