i should go to golf school

that’s what eliza said after she completed the 18 holes.  she had an interesting technique:

IMG_1112.JPG by you.IMG_1116.JPG by you.

“i’m so good at golfing i should go to golf school.  daddy could come as my teacher.  i’m good enough.”

we went mini golfing one evening and had the course to ourselves.

IMG_1107.JPG by you.IMG_1148.JPG by you.

it was one of those family outings that fluctuated between joy and despair, but apparently i only took pictures of the happy parts (the frustrated tears and competitive siblings reminded me of my family bowling when i was 11).

IMG_1090.JPGIMG_1099.JPG by you.

IMG_1101.JPG by you.IMG_1154.JPG by you.

5 thoughts on “i should go to golf school

  1. Hello Newfeld-Epps! I totally stumbled onto to your blog from one of a young family in our church! I saw Eliza’s photo, thought “sounds familiar, she looks familiar” and on I went. It is very fun!

    I have a blog too. Not very original address, and rather long but I created it when we began Rich’s medical journey and wasn’t totally thinking. Anyway, check it out. You might see some familiar faces! http://www.richandcarolyndewey.blogspot.com.

    Take care!


  2. Tell her to practice so we can play together when we get home! Looks like fun! We also had to repeatedly tell Andy that each player was only trying to beat their last score, not each other….oh, boy.


  3. That is the best in-the-country minigolf place I have ever seen. Can I come visit you? And it’s good to know that minigolf elicits ridiculous emotional breakdowns in other people’s children, too, for the love of pete. Because I was starting to wonder about us.


  4. There are 2 pictures I love: Eliza standing there looking like the “I’m a hot shot look how wonderful I am” and Micah laughing. That is a wonderful picture of him.


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