dog swim

this is the first time we went to the town’s dog swim.  we knew it would be interesting since our dog hates water.

jerry was determined to get her in, sally was determined to get. out.

some dogs had so much fun.

it was kind of a free-for-all:  dogs on the slide, kids piling up on the slide, dogs and people sharing the diving boards, the kids had a blast.  we’ll go back next year.

4 thoughts on “dog swim

  1. we did this with Bailey in Lawrence. The pool in Lawrence, however, was LOADED with dogs and greatly outnumbered the people in the pool. I miss it…. Glad you guys get to do this with sally. Its definitely good times! :)


  2. Poor Sally! It took Ella awhile to figure out that water is okay, so maybe there’s hope that Sally will figure that out too!


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