end of vacation…

i am cleansing my  file of these last vacation photos…such a wonderful time that seems months ago by now.  we went to the lake for a few days, did some wood working, hung out downtown, and truly relaxed.  what a gift.

IMG_8623.JPGwatchingsword making

the title of this post is quite fitting since the big kids head back to school in the morning.

Lakesand citymamadaddy and sonsand rock

islandstick gardennotice

castlestick gardendune beachopa's creation

fishing spotcircle of wateroma opa love

feetbeached.JPGlog pulling

bird trackshaulgator

oh, i do feel the waves of letting them go again.

7 thoughts on “end of vacation…

  1. Kristin, every year when summer vacation draws to an end and the start of school looms near, I’m just filled with wistfulness – the realization that every year the kids are just a little less “mine”, the longing to hold on to the lazy days of summer when they are so much more underfoot. I am a good mother during during the school year – I make sure that the homework is done, piano and instruments practiced, hair is washed, teeth are brushed, bedtime observed, extra-curricular obligations met – but I SO much more enjoy being the summer mom!!! I always hear mothers talk about how they can’t WAIT for school to start again, and I think, I guess I should be happy that it makes me sad…


  2. Kristin, your photos are just yummy! I just want to sit and stare at them and then tell you what I love about each one (like, how I enjoy imagining the sounds that accompany the images and how the picture of your dad makes me laugh). Well done, friend.


  3. I love your pictures. Especially the one of you in the sand! And the rainbow that is eating that man!

    School. How are you doing this year? We went for a walk a few days ago, right past the MIDDLE SCHOOL. It’s old. Sad looking. The windows are boarded up with plywood for some reason. I hate it. It’s as though the city is saying, “we don’t care so much about you anymore.”

    But what can I do? I have to let go, too. Pretend it’s a happy place, hope that it IS a happy place for him. Let him find his own opinion of it and make it his, not mine. Right?


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