13 thoughts on “coping

  1. I Love these! They totally meet my need for structure and familiarity – so calming and reassuring. I think i should make a set for myself.


  2. i LOVE THESE.
    we are sitting here having big discussions of how we are going to make this work….HOW.
    how early will we have to get up? how will we make it to 3 schools?
    the car time….ugh.
    i love these carts.
    i may copy you…i had one when lauren first started school that i made with magazine pictures and it was laminated. i may have to dig it out.


  3. Love love love it. My kids are teens and I still keep a dry erase board on the fridge with friendly reminders and bright drawings. And they leave me notes and make snide comments on my inspirational notes!
    I remember in How To Talk… they said to say it in writing to help kids listen. It really does work!


  4. You and Lydia are soooooooo much alike! Last night she wanted to do this very thing, and I verbally did it. Later, I found what she had written on her wall…..oh, why can’t I help her with this more??????

    Bless you


  5. Someone is a pretty clever artist! These are great!
    I think they are very inspiring to encourage the kids to get all of the things done that they need to do, at various parts of the day. I especially love Mommy’s, because that shows them that EVERYONE has daily tasks.
    I’m impressed. Period. : )


  6. these posters made me smile so much today.
    i especially love your reminders on the bottom.
    “thank God, ask for help, know you are loved.”
    beautiful reminders–and wonderfully necessary at my home as well.
    thank you for sharing.


  7. Wonderful visual reminders of how important rituals are in our lives . . and your repitition of “thank God, know you’re loved, ask for help” is great. thanks for sharing these!


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