where we are

using a cooler for laundry because all the laundry baskets are full.

drying snacks on the dishrack because i dumped coffee grounds in the cookie jar instead of the compost jar.

6 thoughts on “where we are

  1. you have no idea how much better this makes me feel! our laundry is on the couch half folded and half sitting in piles. you get extra brownie points if you get dressed out of the pile. same points if you use clean dishes from the dishwasher before it is unloaded. that’s what happens to a home when you actually live and play in it. i’m ok with it.


  2. I am writing what everyone else is: this makes me feel so much better about the crazy in my life. You’re a good woman for posting this.
    For the record I just came into my house from trying to tidy outdoors only to find the dogs got into two packages of butter. This is only part one of the mess that will come from this situation….grody.


  3. I think I already shared this on Carrie’s blog, so sorry for the repeat, but I just have to share another quote, which is, “At its worst, a house unkept is not as distressing as a life unlived.”


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