fishing…big city style

chicago river peek by you.chicago river peek by you.

my kids love to go fishing.  this means driving to a small pond close to home or out to family land, digging up or buying worms, getting a can of pop, sitting in the prairie quiet, clearing a spot of tall grass, watching the brown water for bubbles, often never catching a thing.

so imagine their delight to come upon this.

mayor daley’s fish’n kids program.

5 signatures later we were fishing.  jerry asked if there were really fish in there.  within minutes all three had caught a fish.  this guy really enjoyed showing jerry up.

helper by you.catch by you.

men waiting by you.touching by you.

the chicago river has new memories for us now!

:: :: :: ::

edited to add:  as i hit “publish” i got an email from jerry (he and micah are out fishing)…Picture 2

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