travel sleep

on our first night of vacation we arrived in a little mom and pop hotel after dark.  as we pull up, eliza says, “uh, guys, i think this is haunted.”  (what does a 4 year old think this means?)

we check in to our room.

corner by you.

“at least it SMELLS like it has a pool,” says micah.

“at least the phone works,” says eliza.

“uh, except someone left their dirty clothes in the dresser,” says naomi.

it did look better in the sunlight.  it would have been wonderful with a cup of coffee on this balcony.

we made it!!

5 thoughts on “travel sleep

  1. i love these! is that the mississippi?
    every SINGLE time we cross that craig sings the line from Vacation “deeeeeep river…my home is over jordan!” then says “the mighty miss. the old man.”
    EVERY time.
    it’s been 15 years.

    these pictures are so good.
    were there really dirty clothes in the dresser?


  2. memories! They won’t forget that motel I’ll bet. We stayed in one two summers ago and it was the last room available. The man at the desk told us there was a little problem so we’d get a discount. The door didn’t lock. Well, it locked, but not from the outside. You could lock yourself in, but not leave and lock the door. So, we didn’t leave the room all together while we were there. (and we slept with our suitcases piled against the door just in case :)


  3. Is that the River’s Edge in Louisiana, MO? We stayed in the exact same place. I thought that even the name sounded haunted. You’re right. It’s much better in the morning light.


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