car moments

our trusty honda took us north again.

this post offered the perfect words (thanks, carrie).  not a holiday, not a vacation, an experience.

yes, we take our computer with a cord to put sound through the speakers.  yes, they watch a lot of  brady bunch and arthur. yes, we let the kids eat candy and drink root beer.  yes, there are toys and new twistable crayons so they won’t melt on the seats (anymore).  yes, there are sheets and pillows.  but even with those many distraction, my, oh my, those hours can be trying.

i longingly remember my brother and i having a bed in the back of our honda wagon.  quilts piled up and we would have a cozy magical space.  we could lie on our backs and watch the sky til it went dark.  i can’t hear the tones of “all things considered” without imagining us in the car.  every time.

hoping my kids can associate the miles spent in the car with some magic.

4 thoughts on “car moments

  1. Ah, the experience! Your photos are so beautiful and speak so much. And that hotel! (I also have sweet childhood memories of falling asleep with my brothers in the back of a station wagon while driving down the highway). Thanks for these holiday posts.


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