14 years

we spent our 14th anniversary driving to the lake with three children of our own, an old car running well, a cooler full of chicago meat, plans to get blueberries and memories of the day that seems to be a long time ago.

i’m enjoying the book, a year of living biblically, and am struck by the biblical command to make our desires known to god.  i tend to pray only that my heart be prepared for what is to come.  i’ll keep doing that.  but i will also dream of how i desire the next 14 years to be.

12 thoughts on “14 years

  1. Hi Kristin / Jerry and the three wonderful children. It would have been ssssssoooooo good to celebrate together with you. God willing we will on the 17th of August. Till then we wish you well Dream of your future as it rests so securely in His amazing powerful hands. Love you soooo much


  2. Congratulations! We will be married 13 years this August, 3 kiddos to boot! (no not literally!) And we will celebrate similarly minus the chicago meat (smile).

    That my friend is a good prayer. I also pray for God to put his desires into my heart, that my very deepest desires would be his will for my life and in pursuing them, I pursue him.


  3. blessings on 14 years! And I also share your prayer. Sounds like a good book to study.

    On another note — I can’t begin to thank you for sending me that art teaching blog. Reading it has led to reading MANY other art blogs that inspire me as a teacher! I’m getting to test out some of my ideas with classes at the rec center too! It’s been such an inspiration and I appreciate it so much!


  4. Happy Anniversary to you both!!

    Your prayer strikes me as so…..strong. Asking God to prepare your heart for what is to come? That’s pretty open and trusting! How beautiful and…inspiring, really. I tend to pray for exactly how I want things to remain, while all is well and happy. I pray for prevention of all the things I fear for my family. I know it’s not every admirable, but it”s the truth. Of course, I pray a lot for others as well. So I will pray He blesses your marriage and family, and the next 14+ years of it.

    Yet another book that sounds awesome, and I wanr to read.


  5. Happy Anniversary to you both! Everyone should be lucky enough to find someone so perfectly suited for them! (at least you and Jerry seem that way to me… I guess I don’t really “know” either one of you!) :) May you be very blessed as you enter year 15 together!


  6. John and I just celebrated 17 years at Bucsh Gardens! 14 is something to really celebrate, especially with the beautiful family you have. I think of you often and miss your family!!! Hope all is well.


  7. Happy anniversary! sorry, i am late.

    I love the picture of your two hands!
    and i also wonder, what Jerry said or how his face was when you took that picture.


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