i have always said they are generous.  they’ll open their home to anyone with no advance notice needed.  they will drive a van load of kids to school every day.  they will give you their last stick of organic butter.  they won’t think twice about lending money or bikes or shoes or beds.  and they were generous again.  

they drove extra hours to visit us at my parents house.

we had about 12 hours of togetherness (imagine the photo of us all sleeping together on the church floor after a rousing game of sardines in the church-just like when i was 11…jen has this one).  the kids played outside, made fire, trapped red ants, created dirt pies, watched brady bunch, made promises, took pictures, helped cook, wandered and talked, played playmobil, drank root beer, played tag… 

smoky boys by time by you.

part of my soul was settled to show them my home. my thrift shop. my church. my school. my sidewalks.  my curbs.buddies by you.unique twins by you.

score! by cream by you.

but how bittersweet.

this was our final goodbye.  i cried tears way down from my gut…and they come easily again as i write.  

so long, dear ones.  travel well.  i will watch your house from my front porch.

(and i will still laugh at aaron)

14 thoughts on “generosity

  1. Aaron’s expression is so telling – that your thrift shop has all the treasures you always told us about!

    Some people call that the ugly cry . . . when you weep from your soul like that. But it’s not ugly at all when it’s between friends. Communicating the deepest of loves.

    What a gift that they followed you home. ahhh :)


  2. Your friendship with them is the kind that I long to have with another family. It reminds me of my childhood and the family we are still very, very close with. What a treasure you have in each other and that will carry you in these next 3 years… only, I don’t envy the good-byes.


  3. Hi!

    Reminds us of he many “Goodbyes” we have experienced. The friendship of you two families is so precious. Blessings!


  4. my stomach ached as I read the end. I didn’t realize that’s where this post was going….to show us your “goodbyes”. So sorry of you and your family’s loss (not sure what to call it?) throughout this next year. It will fly by. I promise. :)


  5. oh…no!…more goodbye! …
    just make me want to cry again!
    but i am glad that you could meet Chappel Deckert family once more before they left.

    A true friendship is the sweetest thing!


  6. BTW, that pic of Aaron with the jersey is absolutely hilarious. His face says a great deal, but I can only imagine that it expresses a fraction of the joy that went with that discovery.


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