flower girls

naomi came and showed me these little flower fairy ballerinas she made.

what?  how did you do that?  how did you figure that out?  i’ve never seen that!  huh? (general excitement from me).  she remembered “auntie karin” showed her how a couple years ago.  auntie karin’s grandma had them in her yard and showed her how and then when auntie karin saw them in our yard, she showed me how…

you need to pluck the bud off and get a toothpick (plus a pen if you want to draw the face on)…

then you thread it on the toothpick like this…

then you let them dance and prance around…

i love being reminded of other people teaching my children.  thank you, auntie karin.

11 thoughts on “flower girls

  1. When I saw the first picture I gasped out loud thinking “Hollyhock Dolls! I haven’t seen them for so long!” and then when I read further my heart just about burst. She was so little (it seems) when I showed her that. How sweet that she remembers. So precious. Grandma Ortman would love it.


  2. Oh how sweet! I’m going to see if I have enough hollyhocks for all the little girls to make these at our tea Saturday afternoon! Thanks for the step by step pictures, Naomi!!! Maybe we can make these when you’re here in a few days!!!
    Much love, Mom/Oma


  3. I wanted to grow hollyhocks this year and I just petered out. My great Aunt Sylvie showed be how to do that when I was a little girl! I haven’t shown mine yet. Must get hollyhocks!


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