i grew up in a family where we weren’t allowed to have garage sales (right, mom and dad?).  if we had things we didn’t want or if we had too much of something, we gave it away.  so this is hard for me:

it’s also fun for me to watch them pick produce, wash it, carry it to the front yard, haul tables and chairs, find cardboard for signs (which i gladly offered to make…and felt the thrill of “what if people actually come?!?!?!”), and sit, sit, sit, sit, sit, sit, sit.

they’ve sold 6 squash and have one basil plant on lay-away.

i don’t know if i told them that we will give 10% to the food bank here, but it has to be.

9 thoughts on “conflicted

  1. Oh boy! I think I just found another blog I’ll be visiting quite regularly! I am a sucker for lots of great images that, tell great stories, and they are here!
    I found you through Grassed Stained Knees.
    I’m going to have to subscribe to you now. : )


  2. I’m with all the others — there’s just no way I could have passed this up without stopping. NO WAY! See Eliza sit, sit, sit, sit, remind me of the need for “patience and persistence.”
    Love you.


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