it seems the greatest thing i can give micah these days is time with me and a glue gun. he bought a small airplane to go with his helicopter and then wanted an airport. his first plan was to use stuff from the recylcing bin. that meant he had empty beer bottles all over the porch early in the morning. quite a sight, i’m sure.

in order to make the structure a bit lighter, safer and less shocking, we used these old thread spools for most of the work.

airport by you.airport by you.airportairport

i promise, promise i didn’t take over. micah is sure to tell me what to do anyway. and to tell me to rip off something i just glued down because that “wasn’t exactly what i had in my mind.”

i did get a little excited about the words on the pizza box. he agreed that was an okay idea and he did have something like that in his mind too.


these moments with my kids are like balm on the wound of humble parenting…

6 thoughts on “airport

  1. in my classroom this year we are making a big push to go green – building things like this not only works the imagination, it helps our planet too! what a great learning experience for kids – and the product is so much cooler than anything you could buy pre-made! i’m going to show this to my students, they will love it!


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