kids club • meeting two

there were 16 kids at our second meeting who seemed to enjoy the chalk paint, body paint, hose shower, snack and the now kids club traditional tang (the drink i associate with church when i was a kid).

chalk paint mixing

chalk paint ready

my longing for kids club was a time and space for our church children to just BE together.  it’s settles my soul to watch these children ranging in age from 3-14 find ways to play.


sharing paintpainting the teenagerwarm poolpink armshose showervisitingcompostmouse

it was fun for me to find these two shots on my camera:

hose shower • photo by heydon

big boy heydon took more pictures than i did…i don’t even know what all the light/flare/reflection is here, but i love it.

reaching for water • photo by heydon

i was the only adult for a while, so i didn’t take time for individual napkins, rather a group pile of crackers and watermelon.

snackwater haulingdamriver runningsconcretepainty water

sunbathing on the church steps…waving at cars driving by…

church steps

this feels like bringing heaven to earth for a moment.

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