june seemed to slip away without the rhythm of me sorting photos every evening…so images from the past (which are all pre-new camera)…zoo, snacks, fondue, legos, ironing money (micah likes it crisp), a recorder case as a hiding spot for candy, a mama-son date to pick up bread for supper, cheesy E, cheesy smiles, pond exploring, and a few moments of being bored.


two dollar billironing money

recorder case

cheesy Epond hunt

little find


fondue night

snackswaiting root beerbreadno, thank YOUcheesy Elizayellerbored in target

p.s. naomi DID live with us for the month….just avoided the camera, i guess.

2 thoughts on “random

  1. I love all of these! Did you call the cheese E a “cheesy”? Get it? Cheesy?

    Yeah, I know.

    Oh, and did you know fiestaware has retired our persimmon color? If you want more, get it now!


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