we spent father’s day together…driving a ways from home for eating and swimming.

heaven (for some)

the breakfast and displays were heaven for some of us (my plate looked quite different from this one).



my kids love being with their cousin…even though getting a group photo was work.

family value

we stopped at a couple stores (and provided entertainment for other shoppers…lost shopping cart full of groceries, a toddler running around with a pack of 18 eggs, etc.).  the second store stop was worth it for the one cent horsie rides.  one cent.

store ridehorsie joyone cent. store ride

with food purchased and floaties to blow up, we headed to the lake.


it was hot, hot, hot.  but the water gave relief and the kids were thrilled.

snacksbubble timetruck play

muddy water

good old brown water.



when we were driving home we realized we just experienced the longest day of the year.

solstice sky

happy summer solstice.


4 thoughts on “family

  1. what were the two stores??? Glad you had a good time. I know ladd was a bit surprised to speak to his brothers that day.

    Hey….could you stop by my blog for a second? My post explains why. I need creative control of my blog and have NO IDEA HOW. :) Your advice would be grand!


  2. A huge contented “ahhhhhhhhhhhh” from me. I feel tenderly lured into “reconnection” with those I love most. Thank you! — Dad.


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