fare thee well…


oh my darling friends, may the time between us fly…


we spent years loving each other, weeks packing up, days laughing and crying, moments saying goodbye.

mojito snacks

back yardzoe and mabelrib feastgreat girlguitar boybaby mabelsgutter by you.bookstore baby by you.hertzmama and sonbaby snackssanti hugsantigood eggaunt and nephewthrift shoppinghectorfloor picnicmuddy micahsliderbabies meet

water bottlesheading outlast dayfrom the prairie

and when the rain comes in your life, may you always find a hiding place in me…


9 thoughts on “fare thee well…

  1. Oh my goodness me. I can remember seeing your two families part ways (for part of the summer with a new little Andy) at Subway when we moved back to town in the summer of 2000. I know this parting (and the prerequisite partying) is something that must be and will be good, but I ache seeing all these photos.


  2. i am sad for you all. it’s so hard to say goodbye to friends.
    all these pictures are so nice kristin.
    you did a great job with her pics! woo-hoo! i knew that you would. :)
    i hope you will all stay as close as you ever were even with that distance.
    best wishes jenn and family…now go have an adventure!


  3. I am honored to be part of one of your beautiful blog posts and the meaning is so alive. I was honored, too, to be here during this tender sending off.


  4. Thank you, Kristin for this wonderful post. Remember how we convinced ourselves that this “vacation” would only bring us closer. I am trying to remember that! Love all the photos, especially the first!

    And for Kristin blog readers that want to follow us, go to http://www.cdcolombia.blogspot.com

    Jen CD


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