fathers day

we send coffee for my dad (though i’m sure it didn’t arrive yesterday…hopefully tomorrow) every father’s day.  the intentionality that my dad lives each day is an encouragement.  coffee in the morning is a rythym that i continue.  and when i pour my early morning cup i usually think of my parents.  i know that if i was in the same house as my dad, he would already be up  and offer me a cup as a good morning greeting.  that is one example of the love i continue to receive.  intentional love.

fathers and sons coffee

i wonder what my children will remember of their father.  this man who they see every day.  this man who gets them breakfast and cuddles them to sleep.  this man who plays “bull” and “combine.”  this man who welcomes them when a bad dream or being cold brings them to our bed.  this man who reads books every evening.  this man who grieves them growing older.  this man who wants nothing more than decent joy for his children.

call me daddy

eliza today, after dressing up in daddy’s closet.

6 thoughts on “fathers day

  1. What a wonderful tributes to Dad and to your dear Jerry!!! And thank you, Kristin, for taking note and celebrating all these precious times. How we would have loved to be there with you on Fathers’ Day!!
    Love, Mom/Oma


  2. Your parents were at our church on Father’s Day and I wanted to introduce myself, but with 2 little ones and getting to be around bedtime, we had to scoot pretty quickly.


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