breakfast with the bugs

oatmeal and bugs

breakfast time turned bug identification time.

looking up.JPG

porch light.JPG

porch breakfast.JPG

and just for giggles, you should know that i was taking these pictures  in a tshirt  and underwear…forgetting that people can see me.

4 thoughts on “breakfast with the bugs

  1. You are crazy Kristin! That sounds like something I’d do but I don’t live on a main street. Oh well, fun pictures and I bet no one even noticed!


  2. I don’t know about you but I’m lovin this new camera of yours! Oh and yes we like bug ID at breakfast also. And lunch… Today we almost ate a “bug” when Brienne discovered a slug in her pita sandwich, from the farm lettuce!

    And at least you were wearing more clothes than your daughter!


  3. hehehehe… mad camera mama in undies spotted taking bug & breakfast photographs. What a delightful morning. :):)

    My biggest opps— posing for my maternity shoot half naked with angel wings in front of a huge window… My photographer friend was worried that her neighbors might be wondering what the naked mama-to-be was doing in her living room.

    We will do ANYTHING for the perfect shot, right?!!! :):)


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