7 thoughts on “home

  1. I enjoyed it all. That picture of Micah looking into the box? How is it possible that one can see Jon in that \”back?\” The miracle of nature… I love how the light breaks in on that photo.

    Love ya!


  2. That’s a cool snack container. Where can I get one or is it repurposed from a previous activity or use? (Thanks for buying from my etsy shop!)


    1. this is the laptop lunchbox system (the american version of bento boxes). some people love them and some people do not. naomi used hers almost every day for school lunch. it no surprise that i like the little containers in bright colors. : )


  3. I just have to add that laptop lunch boxes reduce lunch waste by not requiring plastic bags or plastic cutlery and by discouraging pre-packaged foods that are so common for lunches. Yes, they are made of plastic, but they are BPA-free. Plus, the company donates a portion of their proceeds to schools and environmental organizations. On their website laptoplunches.com, they have all kinds of ideas for healthy lunches.

    Can you tell I’m one of the “love ’ems?”


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