beatles love


both girls were in an amazing production of dance and music…all to beatles tunes. i was helping the youngest dancers (which meant a lot of waiting with eliza) and got almost no photos…

dancing queen

but imagine hair stiff from spray, lucy in the sky with diamonds, faces whiter than usual, sweaty bodies from working hard (naomi more than eliza), nervous giggles as “places” was called, trikes on stage, the clopping sound of pointe shoes, warm lights in every color of the rainbow, a black floor made only for bare feet and dance shoes, a huge bowl of chocolate covered raisins from the dance teachers, borrowing lipstick that is red enough, holding breath in hopes that certain dances work like they want them to, tearing up at young people making such beautiful music…imagine…

percussive ensemble

and at the end of a day with one small but horrific act of violence close to home, i know more than ever that all we need is love. please.

floor play

5 thoughts on “beatles love

  1. Oh how we would have loved to be there with you to see this in person!!! But thanks for the photos that give us a glimpse of the magic of the night after so much hard work….
    Love you,


  2. Magical…beautiful…fantastic…astounding…..I could go on and on…it was peace and God’s love showing in every performer from young to old.


  3. Must have been quite the show. Way to go, Naomi. And, yes, all we need is love. I add my “please” to yours. Love you much, Dad.


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