last day of school…new tradition.

have your children have a friend whose dad is a firefighter.

have a friend who will drop his name when she asks the fire fighters to come to the neighborhood park.

welcome more children to the park than you’ve ever seen there.

eat donuts and cheese balls.

welcome the crossing guard.

play whipped cream wiffle ball hoping until they show up.

move to shaving cream when the whipped cream runs out.

take photos of their arrival.

fire truck fun

fire truck fun

fire truck fun

fire truck fun

fire truck fun

fire truck fun

fire truck fun

take a couple of pictures as they start spraying.

fire truck fun

stop taking pictures, because you and the other adults are going to play in the water like it’s 1979.

fire truck fun

amazing experience. thank you, thank you jenny.

4 thoughts on “last day of school…new tradition.

  1. One other missing ingredient….a friend who is so enthusiastic, no matter how crazy her friends’ ideas are…and will “wag her tail” in support a.l.w.a.y.s….even when it means moving away…..

    plus the sesame street influence, of course!


  2. i love this, of course, but i can’t help but reminded of how we have the choice to do these activities. to use water as an entertainment and not just a necessity.

    this is wonderful that my nieces and nephew get to experience this remarkable freedom. THANK. YOU.


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