this year changed naomi.


graced with a wise teacher (“the best teacher there is”) and preserved friendships, she grew to love school.

teacher lovesweet friends

the official 5th grade recognition was a treat.


i cried watching these young people sing way high up there teetering between two phases of childhood.

5th grade

even now, when i imagine them singing, “nothing’s gonna change my world…nothing’s gonna change my world…” i can hardly take it.  i’ll have to upload that video.


naomi helped choreograph a dance, something she really enjoyed.

11 year friendship

these two have been friends their entire lives.  we dreamt of them before we knew them.  i trust that these next three years apart will only strengthen their love for each other (absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?). we celebrated with supper together, desserts of their choice.

11 years oldbrownies for lydia and naomi5th grade mint pie

milestones, milestones.


what’s the big deal?  she still has to go to school.

it’s my special day too, mom.

7 thoughts on “recognizing

  1. It’s hard to believe they are going to middle school, scares the crap out of me to unleash Josh on the middle school world but I also know that they are great kids if they came from New Creation Preschool so they will be fine :) They have a great class of 2016 (is that right?)


  2. I’ve come back to read this post again 3 times. I’ll probably keep coming back. Something about it — the emotion of it, probably — draws me in.


  3. I came across your blog randomly from some other blog. I’ve enjoyed it and put it on my favorite blogs bookmark.
    I just came across a picture of a family friend on this post! It’s surreal! Miss Paige Weaver is amongst the girls in the top picture.
    Such a small world.



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