double duty

mama and teacher.

preschool celebration

eliza has been amazing this school year.  she came to preschoool more often than anyone else and adapted so well.  i was worried…so worried that i remember friends making plans to be on a back up list.

turtle in a boxsunshine

but eliza enjoys friends and found plenty of them this year.

snapping at the flea

i might need that back up list for next year, though.

One thought on “double duty

  1. Wow! This is Oma. I remember going to kindergarten and I also remember my first grades in school. I still meet my grade 1 teacher in a senior home and she remembers me. She was my favorite teacher – hard to believe that at my age – 83 – i would still have a grade 1 teacher whom I can relate to. She must have been about 17 years old then, and I was 6. So thank you for those beautiful pics and memories. Love you . Also love the tribute to your Dad, kristin. Much Love and Peace Oma/Omi and Opa/Opi.


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