preschool kids are done for the year.

preschool grad by you.

amazing and strange.

now begins the newness of moving the preschool back to our church…oh boy.

i feel like i am rising out of the cloud of feeling sick (sore throat, headache, fever, oinking…just kidding) and scrambling to finish the year up.

very soon i want to shift my focus…to the NEEDS of this home.

eveningrealitymesstv replacementlifeneed


5 thoughts on “refocusing

  1. i keep saying “next week i will garden”
    so after company leaves that is what i plan to do.
    shift my focus to the needs of my home (garden)
    i hear you!

    school year was great!
    you are so good with kids kristin.
    i just love watching you in action. i took 200+ pics of that last hour of school. :)


  2. I’m happy for you to have more time at home, I’d go bonkers if I wasn’t mostly at home. Not sure how working mothers like yourself do it, hats off. Oh and those jelly bean shoes are something else, very cool.


  3. My husband and I (both teachers ) just moved (three weeks before the end of the school year) and we are waiting anxiously to really get to “live” in our house. Your photos are great, and they make me feel better about the state of things in my life this time of year :) I LOVE my job, but a “shift of focus” is what I need right now too! Here’s to the summer!


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