mother’s day

this is a photo i took thinking,” oh, this will be the start of over a hundred photos of the day.” i didn’t know this would be the only picture (well, and the other 8 just like it that i deleted).  i didn’t know we would wait for over an hour for breakfast turning it into lunch (!!!!!), have micah come down with stomach troubles so we couldn’t go to the zoo, have half of us feel feverish, decide to go to the trail instead but then it was p.o.u.r.i.n.g. all with quite a bit of crankiness, blah, blah, blah.

mamas day.JPG

so let me remember the beauty of being awakened late with coffee, handpicked flowers in a variety of water bottles, many gifts made at school (thank you teachers!), a little wind up “you are my sunshine” from jerry, getting to walk on the trail after the rain, naps, being together, knowing my children, knowing our mothers, being loved and loving.

5 thoughts on “mother’s day

  1. I miss you love. I wish for moments once again where we were with small children telling stories in parts because we kept getting interepted and laughing and talking about things and what to do about it. You have been such a part of my sanity and I miss that. Maybe the callenge is not how to communicate with kids but to be intentional for ourselves with out kids. I love you much.


  2. oh my – such a common experience – just a reminder of what it really means to be a mother – imperfection all over the place!! and when i really stop and contemplate i think a “perfect” mother’s day would be such a farce that it would not be as meaningful – this mother’s day i consciously chose to relish the stage that i am in (chaos, me still doing most – like everyday, little ones still needing so much) and know that someday it will be different (and i will probably miss it then). much love from afar, momma!


  3. I think mother’s day would be diminished somehow if it turned out any different from most days. That’s what I tell myself, anyway.

    Happy Mother’s Day!


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