making good…

…on my promise to watch a movie outside.

porch movie in the rain

we tried on a cool, sunny day but despite my hanging fabric from the porch ceiling, the sun was too bright.

porch movie in the rain

so when we had a cold, rainy day last week,  i fulfilled my promise.

porch movie in the rainporch movie in the rain

cozy, cozy, cozy.

porch movie in the rain

it’s a moment like this that reminds me of the days when everyone was younger.

5 thoughts on “making good…

  1. this is so awesome.
    i want to watch a movie under a pink quilt on the porch with my brother!
    that is so cool kristin.

    last year we got all the neighbors together….hung a sheet up…got snacks ready….went out to watch ET and before we even sat down….it started to rain.
    the men kept saying “it will blow over…it’s not going to rain.”
    so then we had our whole block in our our living room for an impromptu ET showing.
    it was fun BUT we still haven’t watched a movie outside!
    hope fully this is the year.


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