glad easter day


naomi said she feels like she “gets things” in a different way. she couldn’t explain it further, but i think i know what she means.

good friday

the morning after a wonderful good friday service, she set up a “display” with candles and palm branches

good friday


i was grateful for the visual reminder of the day.

i had time to bake paska, thinking of my mom and nan over and over. the recipe is scribbled on, dripped on, caked in flour. i think some of naomi’s early writings on are there! another reason why i love to write in cookbooks and recipe cards.

paska recipe

this really was a sacred time. surely in part because i was the only one in the house for about an hour. this almost never happens…but i know that time is coming and then i may have more alone time than i want.


by the way, the paksa had a center resembling playdoh, so we’ve had to eat the edges. oh well. more notes for next year.

1st grade snack

of course there are treats and sweets (and a few antics as well)…

cork in the lemonade

successful hunt!


nana's pie

even the markham easter bunny arrived.

markham easter bunny

we decorated eggs the day before easter.

decorating ii

i got the idea for using skewers to hold blown eggs, painting with chalkboard paint (!!!!), and using a box for holding the drying eggs….i can’t remember where, but i am glad for the inspiration!

skewered egg


i’d like to say that we decorated the eggs with cozy music going, with natural light pouring in, with more eggs than we could use.


instead, this was the scene:










in the basement, the evening before, watching cheaper by the dozen, running out of eggs very quickly. but we got it done…


then ahhhhhh, it was sunday.

the lord

church was holy. the eggs dried. we were fed. i got a nap. and now i sit with the wondering of what new life this year will bring.

he is risen

4 thoughts on “glad easter day

  1. I love it, I love the “keeping it real” shot too ~ and my dd (13) is reading over my shoulder.. her comments are, “Mom, blown eggs are so much cooler” (been getting grief about this all weekend.. note to self) and “Oh! Which Cheaper by the Dozen did they watch?”
    “I don’t know”
    “Well, ask!”
    so there.. do tell, which Cheaper by the dozen? New one or old one (with Lucille Ball !!)


  2. This has to be one of my all-time favorite displays of joy. I feel like I just had Easter all over again. How vibrant and celebrative. I love Naomi’s “I think I ‘get things’ in a different way.” May we all!!! This post makes me curious about what might all yet be. Beautiful.

    Love you,


    P.S. Glad to you got a nap.


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