back yard

roof feet

because of this, i assumed my position.

mama's post


roof kids

i have such fond memories of crawling out my window as a child.  sitting on the slight slant of the lower roof next to my room.  why is it that sitting on a roof is better than on the ground?  i watched these kids sit there and talk.  not about being on the roof, not about seeing things from higher up, just about regular stuff.

afternoon sky

looking up, the sky was crazy.

garage barn

eliza begged to go up, but my limit was that you had to get up yourself because then you’d be able to get down.  (however, that almost didn’t prove true.  glad jerry was here to help.)  instead liza kept herself busy gardening.

transplanting by a 4 year old

here she transplanted a tulip.  we’ll see how it turns out.

barn door by you.

i took the snowsuits back to the basement today…in an attempt to claim that spring is here.

6 thoughts on “back yard

  1. i think back on the days when i jumped and climbed around on the roof, and it was so fun! but, now that i’m a mother, i can’t imagine what that did to my mom!


  2. two things:

    i loved the first picture in black in white; because of the angle of the children and because of the attempted exact alignment the clouds were trying to achieve

    when you went on the roof as a young human, were you doing so to smoke cigarettes??? that’s somehow what i was envisioning. :) I never tried to get outside my bedroom window for anything short of mischief!!! Hehehehe! good memories!! ;)


    1. nope….not smoking (yet)…this was back in chicago when i would sit there and just enjoy the bird’s eye view.

      it’s probably good i didn’t have a roof accessible to me in high school.


  3. i LOVE the last picture….

    i used to lay out on my roof in high school. you’d climb out the window and up to a spot that was flat and only big enough for a towel and the radio….with an extension cord. i loved it. and i would lose my mind if my kids did it now. :)
    craig lets them go out when he is cleaning gutters and i can’t be anywhere close by. it makes me crazy!


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