drinking glue

the best april fool’s joke yet.

cream in the glue container

i washed and filled a glue bottle with cream…then added it to my coffee while preschoolers were watching…hee hee hee.

drinking glue?

in naomi’s lunch…an orange

is it an orange?

…filled with orange candy.

hee hee hee orange candy

micah informed me this morning (after a fake banana, colored cereal milk and pudding as milk) that he knew all of my ideas before i even did them.

april foolin' mama

i’ll stick to preschoolers then.

please, if you are out there and have april fools ideas,  tell me.

6 thoughts on “drinking glue

  1. Jeff and I got dressed and put on undergarments over our clothes, and then acted really confused when the kids said “You’re going out like THAT?!?!”

    I love the glue idea.


  2. oh kristin you made annie’s day!
    she yelled “APRIL FOOL”S” till bed tonight! she told me lots of silly things that went on at school. it was so cute to hear her version.
    thanks for doing it.
    i was so tired today….i am glad someone had energy.
    and jen with the fake hamburgers! awesome.
    you guys are so good!


  3. I love the orange!! My kids would never touch it to have it burst open with candy. Hmph. And kudos to you for the washing of the glue bottle. I bet that took a long time.

    My son taped the kitchen sprayer down for me to spray myself. Pretty good!

    I saw something on AFV I want to do: cover the kids’ doorways with saran wrap so they get up in the morning and walk into it.

    I might do that this weekend.


  4. Do not mean to intrude unannounced!
    I have always respected and admired what little I know of you and yours.
    I am Rachel’s husband.
    Yeah- that guy.

    Well, I can say this;
    you somewhat bored mennonite kansas women often scare tha bajesus outta me!



  5. Oh what fun!! How I would have loved to be there giggling with you all. Miss you so much these days….I don’t tell you often enough how much we appreciate your blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!


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