winter art.JPG

when naomi brought home this art work, i lamented that it was spring and wondered if i should save this for next winter…but like so many, we got snow again.  a late march snowstorm…we were under a true blizzard warning!

in fact, we woke to no power for about 3 hours. not sure who took this photo, but it was me trying to stay warm…and wake up.

mama by child

first on my morning plan…coffee.

camp stove coffee

camp stove boiling

first on micah’s morning plan…getting outside.

morning snow

it was a blowing snow, then a muddy snow, now it rains melting snow.

snowy main street

norm and vicki's hill

parking lot snow

muddy ne.JPG

highlights from the kids:  hot chocolate, “big brother being nice” and dressing sally up

hot cocoa supplies

big brother

big brother

silly sally

i wish i would have gone out more today…but i’m ready for cleaner weather…there are muddy, saturated clothes hanging all over.

kansas snow

one peek at why:

9 thoughts on “snow

  1. You are a far more patient mother than I, to put up with the mud diving! (Although I do have very fond memories of doing it myself, although it was in the summer, we wore our bathing suits, and got hosed down with the garden hose before we were allowed inside. Somehow, I’m guessing the garden hose didn’t get used on Naomi!


  2. It’s official: I am old and boring. When I saw Naomi sitting in the puddle, my first thought was trying to figure out the mechanics of removing that clothing indoors. I could just see it seeping up the pants legs and into her boots. That is such a GREAT picture; look at that smile!!

    And her artwork, wow! I wish my kids were allowed to have the time to do that kind of real art at school. I keep waiting for something to come home, and all we ever get is worksheets and essays.


  3. what you all need to know is that i didn’t authorize this. i came upon it.

    i was happy for her, but had she asked me, “mom, can i put on three layers of clothes and then run in the mud ditch until my clothes are saturated?” i’m not sure i would have said yes.

    the clothes are still hanging on the gate outside and may be for many more days.

    drip dry method.


  4. Wow, what a site. You are a very patient mother and I envy that. I can’t imagine my reaction would have been the same coming up on that. But, what a wonderful response you had. She was having the time of her life!


  5. All I can say is…..You Rock Sista!!!
    Even though it wasn’t authorized activity, you still kept your #@%$ together upon rounding that corner and seeing that sight, and then to go to the length to capture it on film, stupendous!


  6. There’s nothing better than watching a video of one of my best friends jumping into mud on a Tuesday morning! Hi Nay-nay! (:


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