happy place


2 nights away with friends. one of us tried to arrange a trip half way across the country last year, we settled for 2 hours away together this year.

shut out

it is incredible to have no younger bodies to keep track of, to take care of, but only to miss.


the edge

we talked to strangers, wandered, ate until we hurt, made friends with the hotel staff, and came home tired.

we•us'ns by you.

rainbow rack

hee hee hee

our bodies were cared for, we never went hungry and didn’t know thirst.

pedicure supplies

oh, blessed be these hours. making memories to sustain us through the change that is coming.



thank you for calling me friends, you women.

how well

3 thoughts on “happy place

  1. In the end what matters most is
    How well did you love
    How well did you live
    How well did you learn to let go
    and How many peanut m&ms did you leave for breakfast?


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