maurice moment

i’m finding folders of photos that weren’t processed…bringing back memories of not-too-long ago.

but somehow this eve felt like stepping out of time.  maybe it was stepping into the garage…set up like maurice minnifield would have done.  in honor of his birthday, he cooked for us (i still remember the lemon ravioli).  we’ve all known each other since college days (which are getting farther and farther behind us)…


tonight that history carried us well as we ate and honored the birthday boy.


and made hopes for the future.


4 thoughts on “maurice moment

  1. I’m looking forward to practicing “doing this when we’re old”.

    I was a bit nervous when I saw the photo of the cardboard thinking that it might say more than “I have seen and I believe!”.

    Good times, indeed.


  2. I DO NOT TAKE THESE MOMENTS FOR GRANTED. Thanks john for the amazing food and the rest of you for your friendship over the years.


  3. Hi! What a handsome man and beautiful children! We feel so fortunate to have Jerry as part of our family … As we wrote in the birthday card, which will most likely be arriving soon – you are a wonderful husband, great father and a very good provider. Kristin, thank you for being the heart of the family. We Love you all – Peace and Love, Oma/Omi and Opa/Opi.


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