the kitchen is clean, the kids are in bed, the dogs are quiet, i’m on the couch with jerry, this moment is good.


i’ve felt subtle waves of loneliness as i think of the changes coming, of friends moving away, of people living with loss.

bubble girls

but out to the sun, to building fire, to blowing bubbles, to warming pancakes, to learning a new ukulele chord, to jumping, to building, to sitting on the porch.

roasting a pancake

waiting for a pancake by you.

spring breaking

indy jones detailcannonball

sunny pins

we’re welcoming this warm spring, making sure the lists aren’t too long.


remembering to live•laugh•love

6 thoughts on “live•laugh•love

  1. That is one. good. dog. You can just see in her eyes how there MUST be some kind of reward for her after doing that trick.

    Happy Spring Break!


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