potato heads…for real


vintage potato head

i don’t know if these are “worth” anything, but they’ve been worth the smiles.

old and new

tooty frooty friends

vintage potato head

vintage potato heads

vintage potato head

they even came with instructions, in case it wasn’t clear what to do.

how to

i don’t think they make accessories like this anymore.


“why does this cup have such a weird handle, mama?”

yeah, why does it?

3 thoughts on “potato heads…for real

  1. No. way. Don’t even tell me that you found that in the thrift store. That is way too fun. Please try those parts in other fruits and vegetables like the picture shows. How awesome! “Kooky the Cucumber”??!? Uh-UH!!


  2. Did you know before you found those accessories that Mr. Potatohead used to be a real potato? I had no idea until I went to a toy exhibit at our local museum last summer. I’ll be they are worth something. Looks like fun!


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